The Outdoor Assembly Co. specializes in supplying and installing playground safety surfacing and accessories. From topping off your existing playground surfacing to installing a complete system, you can depend on us. Our products meet the highest industry standards as required by CPSC, ADA, ASTM and IPEMA and our highly trained employees provide professional, trouble-free installations each and every time.

Wood Mulch
Rubber Mulch
Bonded Rubber Pour-n-play

Wood Mulch

Wood mulch

The Outdoor Assembly Co. offers a Wood Mulch for those whose budgets do not allow for a rubber mulch or pour-n-play alternative. Our Wood Mulch is manufactured from engineered, non-toxic, crushed wood fiber, consisting of randomly sized, but generally small wood fibers. This wood surfacing option does not contain any harmful chemicals, paints, or additives. It has minimal bark and is free of twigs, leaf debris or other organic materials. This alternative gives an attractive and natural look but does require more maintenance. After settling this surface will allow for wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, etc.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch

Outdoor Assembly Rubber Mulch comes in 5/8" nuggets. It's the ideal loose fill material for playgrounds at an affordable cost. Maintain just 6 inches in depth and your play area is protected to a 10- foot fall height. Our rubber mulch is 100% metal free, contains virtually no nylon cord and comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the chips and the coloring lasts up to 5 years or more. Our rubber mulch can be leveled with a yard rake and washed by simply hosing it down. This surfacing option meets ADA and ASTM standards. It is designed with the idea that the return on investment is as important as safety.



Whatever the venue Pour-n-play is the ideal choice for safety, economy, appearance and Durability. Virtually maintenance free, the product's solid rubber surface maintains safety and aesthetic integrity in all weather conditions. Pour-n-play's seamless design provides a clean playing surface by eliminating loose debris that could otherwise pose a potential risk from eye injury. Installation of Pour-n-play ensures that protection is kept in play zone areas where safety is needed most. Unlike temporary substitutes, Pour-n-play assures that no high risk area is ever void of a safety surface.

Pour-n-play is available in a wide selection of attractive, natural looking color combinations and custom designs. Colors can be mixed and matched to create unique and inviting environments for children's play. The product's ability to be molded into various shapes enables endless creative possibilities. Just provide our experienced staff with finished art and watch us bring your ideas to life – the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

Rubber Bonded Pour-n-play

rubber bonded surfacing

Bonded Rubber Pour-n-play is our newest rubber safety surface that makes an ideal ground cover for almost any outdoor application. This low-to-no maintenance product is a perfect way to enhance the appearance of your outdoor area. Best of all, Bonded Rubber Pour-n-play can't be scattered like ordinary mulch and other loose materials – so you never have to worry about replacing and replenishing surface materials. This highly durable surface maintains a superior level of safety and integrity in extreme weather conditions. This slip-resistant rubber safety surface cushions falls and eliminates hazardous trip zones to minimize liability.

You'll be surprised at how effectively low-maintenance Rubber Bonded Pour-n-play can help your facility cut costs and increase safety. It's long lasting, seamless and made with highly durable rubber to provide a cushioned play surface that minimizes injuries and abrasions due to falls.


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