Outdoor Assembly can handle outdoor needs such as the installation of swingsets, playgrounds, and other outdoor structures. Our experienced professionals will install, refurbish, maintain or move any outdoor structure you have while providing a top notch service to you. With thousands of superior installations already, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. Make your life easier by calling the Outdoor Assembly Co. today to setup a free on-site evaluation and quote.

Residential and commercial playground installation
Maintenance and resealing
Play structure refurbishing
Swing set relocation

Residential and commercial playground installation

The outdoor assembly company has over seventeen years in the residential and commercial playground industry working with the leading manufactures. This experience allows us to provide you with the absolute best service available in the industry whether its installation of your new structure or modifications to your existing playground or swingset. With an on-site visit, we can give qualified suggestions to the best way of installation so that you get the most out of your new play area. So no matter the manufacture, the outdoor assembly company can take 100% care of all your residential swingset and commercial playground needs.

Playset maintenance and resealing

Protect your investment by continuing the life of your swingset through annual maintenance. Maintenance and resealing of your play structure is a must in assuring your child's structure will last as long as their childhood. Maintaining your structure should involve annual tightening of all bolts and components to reassure you that your playground is safe for active play. This is especially important if they are main structural parts of your swingset to help prevent any unnecessary warping or ageing. Resealing your play structure will keep the cosmetic beauty alive and protect your swingset or playground from the outside elements. Proper maintenance and resealing will also highly reduce the amount of checking and splintering that is commonly seen in untreated units. Depending on the size your structure these procedures can be done in a matter of hours or days, call and talk to our quality maintenance people today for more information on your structure.

Play structure refurbishing

About to throw out that old swingset or playground? Not so quick, our qualified professionals can bring that old structure to life with our extremely safe and successful refurbishing techniques. For much less money than buying a commercial or residential structure we can offer a wide variety of ways to get many more years of enjoyment from your playground. Outdoor assembly will replace or repair any rotten, decayed, or damaged material on your structure. Using a safe chemical treatment we can remove graffiti, mold or mildew from plastic, wood, and metal surfaces. To help reduce checking and eliminate splintering we suggest pressure washing and sanding. We also provide staining, wood brightening, or painting for a better aesthetic look and longer protection. Have one of the Outdoor Assembly Company's qualified professionals decide whether your structure is worth saving by contacting an associate today!

Relocating/removing playsets or outdoor structures

Have you moved and want to take your outdoor structure with you? Don't lose the outdoor investment that caused so many great memories. The outdoor assembly company specializes in relocating residential and commercial play structures and other outdoor structures to other locations. We have the ability to relocate any size structure made by any manufacture in the playground industry. Take advantage of our moving and relocation services by calling the Outdoor Assembly Co. now!


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